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Contact Me

Contact me by sending me an email at

Please include the following when contacting me:

💎 General Information: 💎


1. A bit about yourself! Please include your preferred name.


2. Preferred Date and Time. (If you have no specific date or time in mind. Let me know what is your general availability. Example: Weekends afternoons.)

3. How long you would like to see me.

4. Incall or Outcall.

5. Location. (Neighborhood if inside of San Francisco, otherwise the city)

6. Your handles if you have any. 

7. Where you found me. :)

💎Screening Information: 💎


Must be tested for COVID19 prior to appointment date. I will also accept recent test results within two weeks of the appointment date.


Part 1: (All screening request must include a copy of your ID)

Photo of ID (Must include Full Name, Date of Birth, Photo, State)

Part 2: (Choose one of the following)

1. Reference from an active provider. (Must be within the last 6 months) - Preferred Method
please also include: when and where you have last seen this provider. & how you have contacted her.

2. Verifiable and up to date LinkedIn account. - Preferred Method


3. Selfie with my name along with a photo of ID. (Must include Name, Date of Birth, Photo, State)


4. 2 active, verifiable and public social media profiles with selfie.

💎 The more information you provide, the faster screening will be!💎

At no time during the screening will there be lewd talking, vulgarity, or references to explicit acts.

I will not respond to correspondences that includes any mentions of explicit talks.

Money exchanges are for time and companionship only.
Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for or compensated for in any manner.

💎 Email is the preferred method of contact. 💎

Hope to meet with you soon!

I understand it's a lot of information required, here's a sample template if you would like to email me with the bare minimum information.

Hi Susan,

My name is Jonathan Doe. I found you on platform and you can find me on there as @username. I'm hoping to see you next Tuesday at x time in city for x hours. This will be for an incall or outcall. Please see the attached for my ID and my LinkedIn profile here.

Hope to see you soon,


Screen Request
Incall or Outcall

Thanks for submitting!

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